Online Profit Essentials (Article will cut you a lot)

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Did you know that more than 80% of the problems and obstacles that prevent you from profit and work online …? It is related to the basics of profit from the Internet which are taken for granted.

Online Profit

Yes, this is the truth … Most of the e-mails, comments and messages that we receive on the WZamrani website, or on our social media accounts, all confirm this.

This is in addition to the fact that most of the complaints spread on the various Facebook groups all say: that there is a wide base of beginners who do not know the basics of profit from the Internet.

Here are the most popular questions we receive on WZamrani, which reflect the most important problems for beginners:

  • I do not know how to collect my earnings from the Internet.
  • I cannot subscribe to services and purchase products online.
  • Some affiliate marketing companies have frozen my earnings.
  • My social media accounts have been banned.
  • I cannot find clients to start profit from the freelance business.
  • Can I profit from the Internet without learning the English language?
  • I have a problem with one of the sites I rely on for profit, and I don’t know how to solve it.

And many other problems that face many beginners, which may have faced you and prevented you from using the Internet to achieve your dreams and ambitions.

I will help you solve all this, in addition to that, I will put in front of you a lot of information and strategies that will help you start the right way or increase your profits if you have already started.

Some of these basics may be information or tools that you do not know … or perhaps they are a skill that you would prefer to learn, so I do not want you to ignore any information in this guide.

Okay?… Let’s get started!

The basics you need to have in order to start earning from the Internet

1- Dealing with email professionally

Yes, this is one of the most important basics of profit from the Internet that many beginners ignore, and they think that it is simple and easy … However, it causes a lot of problems, so let me help you with the most important aspects of e-mail.

How to have an email

I think this is a well known point, but for those who do not know I say: There are many ways to do this, but the easiest and perhaps the most secure way for many is to have a Gmail account in Google.

Various e-mail folders

A big problem that I’ve noticed time and time again among beginners … Someone writes to us and says that when he sends a company to deal with it via email … they don’t respond to it and ignore it, or when he offers a specific service that doesn’t get approved … and other things like that.

And when I tell them that maybe the message landed in the spam or promotional mailbox in their account, and they open it up … they actually find what they’re looking for there.

I won’t go into detail with you why this is happening, but all I want you to know is the following:

  • Always search in the folders that you mentioned above for the messages that you are waiting for from any party you deal with via e-mail.
  • You can also create custom folders for important messages that contain important data for you.
  • When you find any message you want in these folders, drag it and place it in the main folder (Inbox), and this will make any message in the future that you receive from this company that comes to you in the inbox.
  • You can also use the feature to tag important messages such as an important sign and an asterisk in the Gmail.

Owning more than one email account

There are a lot of problems that occur on the Internet, there are cases of fraud and theft of information, data, accounts, and other problems that you may encounter.

This is why I want you to create several different email accounts and more than one service if you can, as follows:

  • An account for registering for money transfer services – which I will talk about later – so that you never use it with anything except for this purpose.
  • A private email that you use to register on various social media sites (Facebook – YouTube – Instagram) and others.
  • A special email for online purchases so that you can collect your expenses and review them in one place.
  • An email for cooperation with companies such as affiliate marketing platforms and others.
  • A special email to follow up on new news and subscribe to useful online mailing lists in your field.

This avoids many problems, and saves your information from any manipulation, fraud or theft, and if that happens, you will not lose everything you have on the Internet.

2- How to search online?

One of the skills that directly and indirectly affect the different ways of profit from the Internet is research, so I consider this skill to be one of the most important basics of profit from the Internet.

Online Profit

It is not intended here just a regular search on Google, but it is intended to search for:


  • Find new tools to help you with your work.
  • Knowing the important statistics and trends in your field.
  • Find new clients to work with.
  • Find solutions to your various problems in any field.
  • Find your audience and where they congregate in order to properly target it.

And other important matters that will open up countless profit opportunities for you, just knowing a new tool that helps you organize time and coordinate your work is a great benefit for you.

Here are the most important resources and tips that will help you search the Internet in a better way:

  • Learn The Secrets of Searching on Google This guide will help you discover many of Google’s secrets that little is known about.
  • Read the guide for the best search engines, in which you will find very important alternatives to Google and other specialized search engines.
  • Look for forums specialized in your field and start asking there, you will discover a lot of amazing information and people.
  • Search on the giant YouTube platform.
  • Look in the servers of the giant Discord platform, which meet many professionals and influencers in most fields even games.
  • Find professionals and various job opportunities on the LinkedIn platform.

I want you to make sure that most of the problems you will face on your journey at work and profit online … You will find many solutions to them just by searching on Google or YouTube.

That is why do not be lazy and search first before asking anyone else … And with a lot of research, you will find reliable sources that you rely on to obtain information, such as 😊😊 ??.

3- How to buy online ?

You will definitely need to buy online at any stage of your business on the Internet, regardless of the field in which you work, and I think I do not need to mention examples of that.

In order to buy anything online directly, you will need an online purchase card, which is either a credit card or a debit card.

These cards are used to store financial information in general and to secure the purchase and sale operations. Each card carries four very important characteristics that you will need in the buying process:

  1. The name of the card holder: Any card with the name of its owner, and in most cases you will be asked when buying online to clarify this name.
  2. Card number: Each card has a dedicated number, which you will find engraved on any card, such as the name, which is often composed of 16 numbers.
  3. The expiry date of the card: You will find on each card engraved the expiry date clearly, such as (02/23 – this means that the card will expire in February 2023).
  4. The CVV number: It is a number that you will find on the back of any electronic payment card, and it often consists of 3 digits, and it is intended to confirm the validity of your card.

When you buy online from anywhere, whether in your country or any country … you will need to enter the above data, and sometimes your address may be required, which must be compatible with the address of your bank card data within the bank that issued the card.

Online Profit

4- How to receive profits online?

This is the question that most people ask when they want to deal online, and frankly it is the question that makes me most sad when I hear it from most people.

Because most of those who ask this question think about it before even thinking about the way in which he will work, or how he will earn the money itself in the beginning, and this way of thinking is the reason why many beginners fail.

In general, let me answer this question and give you all the information you need, as I will arrange the best methods of receiving profits from the most popular to the least used.

1- Electronic banks
There are many electronic banks that many companies rely on, especially freelance companies, commission marketing platforms, and even individuals.

Perhaps the most famous of these banks are:

  • PayPal Bank
  • Payoneer Bank

Alawwal Bank Paypal You can subscribe to it by owning an American bank account or by owning a credit card – and in most countries, you must be of the type of Visa in order to receive your profits.

Online Profit

This is the most popular bank, and I advise anyone to register an account with it, and for this we have created a complete guide explaining how to create a Paypal account with pictures, I advise you to review it.

As for Payoneer Bank, it gives you an American bank account, and it also gives you a free US dollar credit card that you can use to withdraw money that is sent to your account from anywhere in the world.

As for Payoneer Bank, it gives you an American bank account, and it also gives you a free US dollar credit card that you can use to withdraw money that is sent to your account from anywhere in the world.

If you will deal with online companies or rely on profit from the giant Amazon platform, I advise you to create an account on this bank.

There are some companies that do not like to deal with Paypal and other banks, and prefer to send you the money directly to your bank account, and this is what Payoneer provides you.

You can also learn all the required information, and how to register an account for this service step by step, through the “How to create a Payoneer account step by step” guide.

There are other banks like Paysera and others, but I do not recommend them at all and I know a lot who have had bad experiences with these companies.

And the other thing that I want to stress is: you must adhere to the rules of dealing with these banks to the fullest, because some people violate the laws or deceive people in order to get profits … so these companies close their accounts and prevent them from receiving profits.

Online Profit

These banks have a reputation and want to preserve it by protecting all users’ money, as they profit from every money-sending process that occurs on them, so you have to respect the rules.

The other thing I recommend is that you rely on the PayPal service, specifically if you are going to buy anything online, especially if it’s from non-famous or international destinations.

Because this bank specifically allows you to submit complaints, and you can get your money back very quickly, and by this you protect yourself from fraud and fraud.

2- Western Union transfers
Anyone can send you money from anywhere in the world through this service, all he will need is your name and your ID number.

This method is very popular because Google relies on it to transfer money, but there are many alternatives to it, especially because of the high transfer fees in many cases.

In order to get your profits in this way … All you have to do is go to any bank that offers Western Union service and with you the card and the name of the person who sent you the money until you receive the transfer in dollars or the currency sent to you.

3- Bank transfers
Any person from anywhere in the world can deposit a sum of money in your account, provided that he obtains the data of this account, such as:

  • account number
  • Account Holder’s Name
  • The address of the account holder
  • Bank name
  • Swift Code (important in case of international transfers, call the bank to get it).
  • IBAN / Account (some companies are required in the case of international transfers, call the bank to get it as well).
  • Bank address (rarely requested, but included with some companies).

Online Profit

Here, I advise you to create a dollar bank account to receive the money in the currency in which it was sent, the dollar bank account allows you to receive your money from abroad in dollars directly, which is very good and makes it easier for you to deal instead of relying on individual transfers.

4- Smart wallets
If you are working locally in your country, you may sell some products such as clothes through social media. You can use the smart wallets service and ask your customers to transfer money to you easily and quickly, as we mentioned previously.

I think that I have removed the two most important obstacles in front of you to work and profit online, and with this we have come a long way in the basics of profit from the Internet … Let’s continue.

5- How to deal with different platforms ?

As long as you work online, you will have to interact with different platforms, let me give you some examples:

  • Do you use Facebook pages?, you will need to know all the available tools and settings that the platform provides.
  • You want to profit from YouTube, you must be able to use the wonderful analytics tools provided by the platform to grow your channel, and this is unfortunately unknown to many beginners in this field.
  • You want to have a website, you must familiarize yourself with the WordPress platform and its settings, which will save you a lot.
  • You’ll be counting on earning from affiliate marketing, so you should understand the platform you’re working on well.

There are many other examples, so I want you to rely on this matter in working online, which is one of the basics of profit from the Internet that many overlook.

There are those who do not know that a simple setting on their Facebook or Instagram page may make them get more followers, and another does not know that with a small piece of information from YouTube analyzes, they may make them get more profits.

This is why I want you to research every platform you’re working on:

  • Look in the settings and what’s inside.
  • Search all the tools provided to you.
  • Find explanations on the platform you are working on.
  • Find explanations on the YouTube platform.
  • Find explanations for each tool you rely on on various sites.

Online Profit

Trust me, you will discover many things that will help you and increase your profits, but even these things can be directly exploited in profit, so how many people win online because of his experience in managing social networking sites, for example.

6- Requesting help from technical support

Among the most important basics of profit from the Internet is that when you encounter any problem:

  • A problem with Facebook ads.
  • Problem with your website hosting company.
  • A problem with your Paypal account.
  • A problem with the affiliate marketing platform that you deal with, such as Clickbank and others.

Online Profit

All these problems and others will inevitably face you in your career and the solution is to do a simple search on Google, if you find a solution, apply it, and if you do not, you must contact the support service of the site that has the problem.

Do not go to ask the owner of a website or YouTuber or anyone other than technical support, you will find with them the correct answer without ado according to your situation.

This seems simple, but it causes a lot of problems, and makes you engage in practices that may cause you to lose, so let me show you the best ways to contact the support service.

And also some ideas that may make you get exceptions that may help you in your work.

In order to master the skill of communicating with customer service, you must know the following:

  • You must read the terms of use or guidelines for any company before contacting support.
  • You must use English correctly and write a professional email (a simple greeting – an introduction explaining the cause of the problem or the reason for the question – the question itself – thank the support team in advance – leave your name).
  • Do not use an arrogant or impulsive approach and try to show your appreciation for the support and effort of those who respond to you.
  • Ask support about opportunities to break some rules (for example, if you subscribed to a service and paid for it and there is no grace period for cancellation) and explain a real reason for this.
  • Try to communicate with the company’s accounts on social media, as sometimes the support team there is easier to deal with and solve problems.
  • I search for the company and its employees on the LinkedIn platform (this method once made me reach the marketing director of a foreign company and I got from him a more than excellent offer).

Online Profit

7- Digital content industry

Whatever you do online, you will need content:

  • Posted on social media.
  • Article on your site.
  • Professional video design.
  • A picture that you post to your various accounts.
  • The infographics you use to promote your services.
  • Ads that you post on various advertising platforms.

This is why I advise you to learn about creating content that is relevant to the field you are interested in.

8- Know the basics of digital marketing

As long as you are looking to work and profit through the Internet, you need to learn the basics of digital marketing, which is something essential for you on the path to your success, and to achieve your marketing and profitability goals.

Digital Marketing is a big sea with many separate disciplines and skills, but as I told you earlier… You are here at WZamrani the platform where you will find everything you want about digital marketing, its skills, and how to learn them.

Let me give you an overview of the most important marketing means, so that I can put your feet on the first right path, whatever your goal or field of work on the Internet.

1- search engine marketing (SEO)
It is the marketing channel that makes you get traffic and visits from various search engines such as Google, Bing, and others.

If you work in the content industry and own a website or online store, you must master this skill,

2- Marketing through social media
Social media sites are gold mines for those who know how to exploit them,

3- YouTube
The second largest search engine in the world, which may itself be a great source of income for you, and we have many sources and information on YouTube, which is a complete academy for anyone interested.

4- Advertisements
As long as you want to market online, you will definitely need to use ads on various platforms,

5- Various marketing channels
There are tons of different marketing channels and ideas, but I don’t want to flood you with information and resources so as not to discourage you from learning.

9- Seek help from professionals

You don’t always have to do it all with your own hands. You probably don’t know how to create a website on your own and don’t have the time.

And you may need someone to design a professional video for you, or do montage, and other things that may stand in your way, regardless of the field in which you work.

That is why I want you to know that one of the basics of profit from the Internet is that you seek the help of professionals in all fields,

10- Owning a portfolio

As long as you work in the freelance field or want to acquire large clients for your business, whatever it is, then you must master the professionalism of making a personal file or portfolio.

That is why I want you to have a professional portfolio as soon as possible,

Online Profit

11- Learning the English language

You will definitely need English for a lot of things, including:

Dealing with one of the platforms.

  • Communicate with clients.
  • Contact support service.
  • Learn a new skill.

And other reasons, for this I advise you to learn it, even for 20 minutes a day, as it is a skill worth your time,

Online Profit

Online Profit

Online Profit

The basics of profit from the Internet that I have put to you will make your life easier on the Internet, it will make you avoid problems and win faster, God willing.
I don’t think you have any argument now to not make your first Internet earnings.

And I want to ask you to never hesitate to ask us any questions in the comments or through our official pages on social media, where we are constantly there.

From the bottom of my heart I wish you luck and success, to a close meeting.

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